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(Paint the thin line)

Sunset on Deadweight... [25 Apr 2007|02:43am]
Their is spacing between this measurement.
A length that stretches out our bodies.
Its an embrace that hurts letting go.
The unexpected that turned against us.

A gentle brush against the cheeks.
A handshake and introduction broke out with laughter.
The melody of heated breaths.
The Rhythm of two bodies intertwined.

The shields were down, which left us vulnerable.
twenty-one questions turned into two hours.
Two hours turned into a seven digit number.
A seven digit number turned into something we weren't prepared for.

We were absorbed like water to the soil.
We crawled from underneath like little worms feeling the weight of it all.
The pathway was so long and narrow that we forgot where we were headed.
It took us hours to finally decided our destination and to dry off.

A wall was built from the beginning.
Brick by brick of a long distant love.
Little did we know from time to time.
Light seeped in between the cracks.

Unaware of the attraction, impatience grew.
The unsettling feeling that this will never happen.
On a couch covered tune we hear "And if the best is for the best then the best can be damned."
It's made clear that I must stand alone.

Feelings are hidden with display of laughter.
A totem poll I must stand.
Different emotions, solid and bold.
Adopting a emblem.

It's hard to walk the pathway.
From behind we got cyclist in which you do not hear.
The ding of their bell draws you closer to me.
It's a rush we both feel, an excitement with different meanings.

We are tainted and your hands are covered in blue paint.
A thrown out cardboard box marks an extra seat in the back.
The slogan "Play. Laugh. Grow." and nursery rhymes.
Lets reality sink in with disappointment.

The Stork has nested and no one knows how I truly feel.
The long distance is approaching to breakfast in bed.
Your smile brightens and behind it I think selfishly.
Knowing you are set for life.

My role became a mistress in denial.
Your role become a void filled.
We both know deep down it's not true.
We both know we have a fighting chance.

We are just too comfortable for change.

(2 Painted over the edge *~|~* Paint the thin line)

The Archer's Bows Are Broken... [06 Jan 2007|05:36am]
How do you turn the page when your fingers have no grip?
Theirs a taste that lingers on the tip of my tongue from keeping my fingers moist.
Nothing is ever scripted.

I believe it was a parade that kept my attention going.
Confetti that danced down from the roof tops.
Loud cheering and clapping took everyones imagination.

Children became sick and their lollypops stuck to them like honey.
Balloons with helium rouse up like marching bands.
The blast was so fierce that church bells rang for a thousand years.
I can still hear them preach.

I am uncertain of the hour.
Everything was hidden and everything smelled like mold.
The only distant tick was a pay-phone that didn't except nickels.
Quarters used to be my wealth.

What was once solid has turned into liquid.
I wish that everything would just evaporate into this thirst for life.

(Paint the thin line)

Christmas Lights... [12 Dec 2006|06:07am]
From a distant in the snow covered ground, the lights shine.
Red, Blue, Green, White and Yellow seem to glisten.
The Northern Lights dancing.
From up close you smell the Christmas feast with a moist mouth.
Ham, Seafood, Bread and Chocolate are my taste buds.
From inside I feel warmth and it puts me at ease.
Questions, Answers and Laughter.
From inside that distant smell, it was 11 years ago.

From a distant, snow still covers the ground but the lights are dim.
Red, Blue, Green, White and Yellow fade to black.
From up close, you lose your appetite and all you have is water.
From inside, you are hallow and your surrounding become uncomfortable.
Questions, Answers and Laughter.
From inside that distant smell, it was only 6 years ago.

From a distant, what felt like Christmas has all melted away.
Snow, Lights and Warmth.
From up close you fear the dinner feast get together.
From inside, you no longer see the light.
From inside that distant smell, it was only 1 year ago.

From a distant, I see the Christmas lights.
Red, Blue, Green, White and Yellow.
The Northern Lights.
From up close I know I will smell a Christmas feast.
Ham, Seafood, Bread and Chocolate.
From inside, I know I will feel warmth and I will sleep safe this time.
From inside that distant smell, I know it will happen 13 days from now.

(2 Painted over the edge *~|~* Paint the thin line)

Food For The Soul... [01 Jan 2006|01:04pm]
Sittin in this lonely town wonderin when things are gonna change. Dreaming my life away and it seems them dreams they turned into a bunch of dust clouds.

Gettin my nerve up but my past is pullin me down, wonderin how long this black sheep can stick around. Somebody told me once before, "you can never go home again once you leave." say anything just to steer me away from the truth of what I, who I am and what I believe.

So I thanked him for his two cents with a shake and some sympathy.

...I spent New Years alone eating a bowl of soup at work, working.

Happy 2006.

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